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The scope of Therm Aid is to improve the conditions for patient and pre-hospital staff through user-driven innovation from all professionals.

The goal is to give patients greater safety, quality and survival by simple solutions and ideas from all professional groups within the hospital staff, ambulance and rescue services.

Innovation is the cornerstone of Therm Aid products, ideas or innovations of products is an ongoing process, with the goal of solving the task as quickly and safely to patients.
If you have ideas for new products or suggestions for improvements Therm Aid products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Therm Aid is a member of the business group in the science and innovation environment in northern Denmark: BioMed Community.

BioMed Community is a life science cluster located in Northern Denmark with a strong profile within biomedical engineering, medical devices and a dedicated focus on business and application development.

We are looking for distributors in Germany, Austria, Sweden and Finland.

Runitec is responsible for the production and sale of all Therm-Aid's products.

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Runitec A/S - Indkildevej 12G, 9210 Aalborg, Denmark - info@runitec.dk - +45 70 20 20 68